20 Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, you should know

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a condition which is potentially life-threatening. It can occur in people that have a history of drinking very heavily for weeks or longer period of time. This happens when these people significantly reduce or stop the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can help you determine corrent diagnosis for you. 

Generally, if you have taken a good plan of how you are going to decrease your alcohol intake, you should not face any of the severe signs of alcohol withdrawal. But some people go unplanned and they decrease their alcohol intake so drastically that the body is not able to handle it and complications are raised.

What really should be done in order to control the alcohol intake is regularly decreasing the amount of alcohol you take instead of doing it instantly. This way the body can adapt to your intake of alcohol and this helps in preventing all these withdrawal symptoms from happening.

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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be seen as early as two to three hours after the last drink and may persist for weeks, and the signs and symptoms ranged from mild to harsh Death Rates. This article will guide you through the alcohol withdrawal symptoms along with a short description.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Below mentioned are some common as well as severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some of those mentioned symptoms are quite normal to have and that may even happen after some hours of taking a normal alcohol content. But the real problem is of the severe ones which tend to happen when you withdraw from a regular heavy alcohol intake. The complications of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be fatal and life-threatening which may include severe conditions like liver failure, heart attack, brain damage, amnesia and other problems to arise. You may have noticed that not only taking alcohol but even withdrawing from it can be quite difficult. So, it is better not to start drinking heavily on the first place. However, if you already have the problem, these are the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that you may notice due to alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Tremors: It is well known that during the withdrawal period after chronic alcohol intake, tremor is one of the symptoms that disturb patients. Alcohol withdrawal tremor might be a variant of enhanced physiological tremor, most often caused by anxiety or emotional stress.

Anxiety: Alcohol withdrawal may cause anxiety as well. What is more of a problem is that alcohol can make your normal anxiety problems worse? It is very useful to have anxiety control techniques so that even if you are going through a problem or not, it can come in handy. There are several reasons to why alcohol can result in anxiety. The mental pressure and the urge and the normal anxiety combine and make it almost unbearable.

Nausea: When you are a chronic alcohol addict and you withdraw from alcohol completely, you will surely feel nauseated. Your body has this craving for alcohol and if your body doesn’t get this the whole body starts feeling sick and there are weird sensations on the stomach and there is the strong urge to vomit.

Vomiting: If you have had a habit of drinking a lot of alcohol and throwing up after over usage of alcohol, you might throw up even when you withdraw suddenly from alcohol. This is because of the inability of the body to accept change which makes it difficult for the stomach to digest the food you eat which is sent back to vomit.

Headache: Alcohol withdrawal has an adverse effect on your head as well. This causes a headache and it can sometimes get unbearable as well. The high alcohol content in the blood makes the brain alcoholic as well and when you withdraw from taking alcohol at once, the brain doesn’t cooperate and maybe you might have to go through a headache.

An increased heart rate: Your body will experience a sudden change if you withdraw from alcohol suddenly. You may experience fluctuation in your pulse rate as well. This is because of the inconsistent flow of blood contents in the bloodstream as withdrawal of alcohol changes a lot of things and you will have to deal with it.

Sweating: There are times when people with alcohol withdrawal syndrome feel very hot and they may even start sweating. Sometimes the sweating might be due to the mental pressure and urge of addiction as well and sometimes it can be due to body temperature as well. You should keep an eye if you or anyone who has alcohol problem starts sweating heavily.

Irritability: You may feel irritated. The irritation might be caused due to the lack of alcohol intake which is not being handled by the body or it may also be your brain not behaving like it should be. The urge of drinking alcohol arises so much that you feel irritated by anything and everything. If these symptoms seem to appear, you can assume it might be alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  

Confusion: The mental effects of leaving or reducing alcohol intake is so bad that you sometimes have no idea what is going on. And you might even be confused about what is being spoken to you or what is happening to you. Sometimes this type of confusion can induce other mental health problems such as Alzheimer’s in old people and even amnesia.

Insomnia: You might have heard it before as well. People who have the habit of drinking a lot can’t sleep at all without drinking alcohol. And if you are in an alcohol withdrawal session, you might have a hard time sleeping that you may turn into an insomniac. If you are having trouble sleeping and if you think some alcohol could induce sleep, you have this syndrome.

Nightmares: People have also reported nightmares along with insomnia. They can’t sleep at night and even if they sleep somehow, nightmares occur which takes them out of sleep and creates more problem. This increases fatigue and confusion in the patient. Researchers believe that this is caused due to the excessive craving for alcohol and not being able to drink it.

High blood pressure: Sudden change in the alcohol content in the blood causes the blood to flow quite randomly and that leads to fluctuating blood pressure. But generally, people who have been suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms, have reported of having high blood pressures. It is a bigger problem if you have high blood pressure already and this increases it furthermore.

The symptoms and signs can get quite severe and such syndrome is known as delirium tremens (DT). The severe signs are:

Extreme confusion: The problem of confusion only gets worse. If the alcohol withdrawal symptoms persist and there is no significant improvement in your health, you will get more confused and your mind doesn’t work as it should. You may have the problem remembering stuff and this can also result in more serious complications like dementia.

Extreme agitation: You may have seen people with alcohol withdrawal syndrome go all mad on the streets or at home. This is caused due to the absence of mind’s well-being. You will feel more craving towards alcohol and you do not want to do anything else which makes you agitated. If people go violent with alcohol withdrawal, you can determine it as this problem. Immediate attention is required because people can be so agitated that they beat their own family up.

Fever: People also experience high fever as a severe symptom. And as all other symptoms persist, the fever makes it worse. You will feel very ill and as at this stage, even the mind doesn’t work properly. This fever can be quite severe and can cause other complications. You should try to get the temperature of your body in balance. But do not use antipyretic drugs unless recommended by a doctor.

Seizures: A seizure means that you will have some physical changes and changes in behavior due to any kind of abnormal activity in the brain. This happens in the later stage of the withdrawal syndrome. This sometimes includes shivering and other bodily movements that can seem quite frightening as they are nowhere near normal movements.

Tactile hallucinations: The affected person may experience weird sensations. Sensations like the feeling of itching, numbness, or burning might be felt even if they are not really occurring. This is because of inconsistent and random nutrient flow in the brain which may produce different hormones causing the problem to occur. This is also a significant symptom.

Auditory hallucinations: People have reported that the sufferer from this syndrome sometimes acts very strange. They hear some weird sounds which don’t even exist. This is a serious issue and it can cause the sufferer from the disease, to go crazy and have mental issues as well. So, it is better to visit a doctor and consult for suggestions.

Visual hallucinations: Like the auditory hallucinations, a sufferer might even see things that do not exist. This is quite bizarre and hallucinations cause more confusions which make them sick.

So, these were the alcohol withdrawal symptoms and this will help you determine the problems you are having and correctly diagnose the condition of your problem.

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