7 Steps to Curing an Emotional Hangover

Emotional hangover is something we all go through. This is a feeling of being lost and alone. You feel like you want attention and you because anxious and stressed for simply nothing. You lose the motivation to become healthy altogether whether it may be physical or mental health. So, what can you do in this case? Here are some tips for you to cure and emotional hangover.

You should know what you’re going through. Not understanding what we are going through makes use anxious.

So, think about what has changed for you and what has happened in these past times that you transformed from one kind to the other and realize that emotional hangover has caused this.

If you accept about you getting these hangover, you’ll have an easier time managing the hangover.

Acknowledge your problem. Start writing some journal or diary about how your life has been going.

Write every other day or write on the big days when a lot of things happen and especially include the time when you experience the emotional hangover.

This will help you in following the problem and you can realize when you experience hangover and when you feel free. You can even share some of it to your closed-ones for making your problem easier.

Be grateful for everything. This helps in creating a lot of positivity in your life.

Rather than feeling empty and lonely and emotional about negative things, you can just be grateful for every experience you are having in life and you can be proud and feel lucky that you have had this chance to experience all these great things and you could be a part of every great event in your life.

You can also write them down pouring your emotions in paper and do this for at least 5-10 minutes doing this so that you can you’re your mind into positivity for at least some amount of time. You will realize when you actually get the feeling of being grateful, you minimize the emotions like stress and fear.


Just breathe and walk. You might have heard doctors or professional suggesting to go out for a walk and take some relaxing breaths. This really helps and you may not believe that anxiety and stress are caused even when you take a short breath and focus on unnecessary things.

This is why you should go out and walk and breathe in relaxation. This helps in oxygenate your body as well as your mind. Take some big deep breaths.

You can go for a run, hop on your mountain bike, or do some yoga. It is your pick which one you choose and which one you enjoy doing. Stay where the place is pretty fresh and peaceful.

This will help your mind get away from a lot of stress. You can practice the earlier remedy of being grateful in this step as well.

Eat Healthily. It is known that people going through emotional hangover do not care to eat healthily and think about their health at all.

So, you should see this as an important step for getting away from an emotional hangover. Try eating some foods that make your brain healthy and keeps you healthy.

It is suggested to eat vegetables and salads because studies show that it helps in such case. You should just grab a salad and some water. On other vegetables, choose ones that are water-rich and get yourself fresh.


Ease the process and do not rush. You crave a lot of attention during emotional hangover making you feel alone. But do not jump into a crowd of a lot of people expecting attention. Probably, you are not ready for it altogether. You should just not rush and you should take it in ease.

You should wait while your hangover effects get lowered and you are pretty near to normality. You can take your medicines and do some brain exercises before going on and introducing yourself to the world.


We suggest you become happy when you are alone and the journal writing can be a good way to share about your feeling. Try doing all these alone so that you feel happy even when there is no one around you. Then find a close friend or any other person to slowly reconnect to.

Be informed and avoid the recurrence. You understand your emotions now and you know how you can deal with it. You should be informed about all this and you can really be prepared if similar situations arrive in the future. Emotional hangover is pretty normal so you should be accustomed to it and you should take it pretty lightly so that you can have a healthy mind.

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