5 ways to get rid of chest acne overnight

Acne is a problem no matter where they appear on your body. They are pretty painful as well. And people have reported a lot of problems regarding acne on the chest. Here are some ways to get rid of the very problem.

Cleanse with a good cleanser to get rid of chest acne

Choose a cleanser that is made to fight acne. Those type of cleanser is available in the cosmetic shops.

You can use an exfoliating glove as well as the cleanser consisting of 2% salicylic acid in the shower for a good effect.

But beware of your exfoliating gloves because they may get full of breeding bacteria after some uses so change the gloves every 3 months.

Do not scrub too roughly because that can deplete the natural nutrition and may also irritate your acne, so scrub gently such that the dead skin cells fall off and your chest is free of dirt.

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Be clean to get rid of chest acne

Keep yourself very clean. Your chest needs to be pretty clean for it to be free from acne.

Wash your hands very often and pretty compulsorily after going to the bathroom.

You need to wash your hands so that the bacteria in your hand do not go in contact with the chest and form clogs in there to develop acne.

You should shower for this very reason.

Even if you don’t bath very often take a shower daily and you can rinse off most of the dirt and get rid of acne as well as a lot of germ-related diseases.

Use a mask to get rid of chest acne

 You may use the mask made of charcoal or mud or a mask that consist of mandelic acid.

  • If you are using a mud or charcoal mask, just rub this mask on your chest about two times a week and rinse it off. This mask should be helpful enough to cleanse the area as well as unclog your pores. While putting on the mask, do not scrub much because that might produce rashes on your chest only increasing your problem.


  • In the case of a mandelic acid mask, you should use them about 15 minutes before a shower. You just apply it before the shower and rinse it off with an acne wash that suits the best for you.

Change your diet to get rid of chest acne

 Not only taking care of your skin will be enough to get rid of the acne problem.  

You need to eat healthy as well. For a healthy diet, you can follow these instructions.

First of all, you should eat a handful of walnuts each day to reduce any inflammation on the skin.

It has been found that the people who eat more veggies and fruits tend to get less acne and they heal consisting acne better and speedily as well.

You can eat food like fish, seeds and nuts, leafy greens etc.

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Skip dairy products to get rid of chest acne

Dairy products consist of hormones that tend to stimulate the skin pores and the oil glands present beneath it.

If you want to or have to drink it, you can choose to skim milk. Drinking skim milk can really limit the exposure to those hormones.

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In this way, you can deal with your chest acne with ease. These remedies should be pretty effective and you can really feel the difference quickly.

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